Open Source Contribs

This page is just documenting my contributions to the online network community.



Fix to ios_bgp
Fix for asa_og Integers failing to concatenate

NTC Templates

New Template: Cisco ASA show interface
Update ASA Template with virtual interfaces
Worked with NTC team to complete this, but had individual contributions on these two:
cisco_ios_show_lldp_neighbors_detail - Missing matching device
cisco_ios_show_lldp_neighbors - Fixed longer device names that were getting truncated


Documentation on Migrating from Py2 to Py3


Ansible Documentation: Update example with wait_for
awesome-network-automation: Update failed link for RANCID


Mobile Sports Report - Allianz Field
For this I was able to be a significant contributor to the technology delivered by the project. I was the lead network automation engineer where I designed and implemented a process using open source tools to deliver a consistent and quality product.