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Network CI/CD - work in progress (Links to other videos/pages)

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At DevNet Create 2018 there is a video that was put together related to CI/CD in the NetDevOps world. This is something that is very exciting to see that there has been time put in to putting that together. The video can be seen here:

DevNet Create Video
Pete Lumbis CI/CD Info

With tools such as VIRL, EveNG, and GNS3, there should be a methodology to be able to put a network together to do testing. I have not yet put together the full pipeline, but is something that I’m very interested in getting built some day.

Once a network engineer has a full tested pipeline, we can maybe finally get to doing changes with more confidence and more during normal hours.

Tools that I’m aware of for doing the CI/CD pipeline include (definitely not limited to) are: #

  • Jenkins
  • Travis
  • Drone
  • Gitlab
  • Bamboo

Some good resources that are available for building Cisco Vagrant VMs #