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NetBox Ansible Collection: Inventory - Starting Out

7 minute read
netbox ansible

The documentation can be found on ReadTheDocs. This is going to be starting out with the basics of the plugin and getting some sample output and to show how ...

NetBox Ansible Collection: Installation

5 minute read
netbox ansible

This is the first post as I start to look at the NetBox Ansible Collection. This is an impressive collection with modules for several of the NetBox applicati...

Jekyll - Adding a URL Redirection

3 minute read
blog jekyll

Recently I had some discussions with Nick Russo on some URL redirection changes he was making for his content. I’m not going to take any of his thunder of wh...

Ansible + NetBox: Getting Next Prefix / IP

6 minute read
ansible cisco netbox

This originates from a conversation had on Twitter about how to get the IP Prefix information from an IPAM tool, specifically NetBox using Ansible. There are...

Home Assistant Prometheus Exporting Setup

2 minute read
homeassistant prometheus

There does not appear to be a complete set of documentation pieces available for setting up Prometheus on the Home Assistant platform. This post will take yo...

2020 Blog Update

5 minute read
blog hashnode jekyll hugo

I’ve changed a few things on the site. Sorry about that! URLs have changed. Over the past week or so I have been working through making some what originally ...

Practicing Network Automation with GNS3

2 minute read
ansible cisco network simulator gns3

In an earlier post I took a look at how to setup EVE-NG to get access to virtualized network devices and topologies. This post is going to take a look at how...