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Ansible Cisco IOS User Module

8 minute read
ansible cisco ios_user netdevops network automation

In this post I will be taking a look at some of the usability setup of managing Cisco IOS devices with the Ansible Cisco IOS User Module. This can be very he...

Ansible Cisco ios_interfaces module

9 minute read
blog ansible cisco deprecation

This has become a post about the ios_interfaces module with documentation that can be found Ansible ios_interfaces doc. Originally I was going to write about...

Disney Plus Streaming Bandwidth

2 minute read
homenet disney streaming

This will be a brief departure from the automation focused attention that I have been giving to this blog over the past year or so. This week in the United S...

Ansible differences between ios command and cli command

8 minute read
ansible cisco ios_command cli_command

In an earlier post I covered the differences between ios_config and cli_config. However I did not cover what the difference was between ios_command and cli_...

EVE-NG for Automation Practice and Testing

4 minute read
eveng ansible network simulation netdevops

As I restarted looking at how I’m continuing my education on the Network Automation and certification realm I asked the question “How are you simulating your...

Ansible IOS BGP Module

9 minute read
ansible cisco ios_bgp

In this post I’m going to be taking a deeper dive into the new in Ansible 2.8 IOS BGP module. This may be one of the more complex modules to date and I’ll tr...

Ansible ASA OG Module

19 minute read
cisco ansible asa asa_og

Today we are taking a look at the newest module out for Cisco ASA Ansible module - asa_og. This one is particularly exciting for the configurations that are ...