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EVE-NG for Automation Practice and Testing

4 minute read
eveng ansible network simulation netdevops

As I restarted looking at how I’m continuing my education on the Network Automation and certification realm I asked the question “How are you simulating your...

Ansible IOS BGP Module

9 minute read
ansible cisco ios_bgp

In this post I’m going to be taking a deeper dive into the new in Ansible 2.8 IOS BGP module. This may be one of the more complex modules to date and I’ll tr...

Ansible ASA OG Module

17 minute read
cisco ansible asa asa_og

Today we are taking a look at the newest module out for Cisco ASA Ansible module - asa_og. This one is particularly exciting for the configurations that are ...

Ansible ASA Command Module

3 minute read
ansible cisco asa

Today will be a touch shorter post, but it is good to be back at it. In this post I will be taking a quick look around at the asa_command module, as we start...

Ansible IOS VLAN

10 minute read
ansible ios_vlan cisco

Back to it finally. Going to take a look at the Ansible module ios_vlan. The purpose of this is to provide a declarative module for managing VLANs on IOS dev...