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Ansible IOS Banner

5 minute read
ansible cisco ios_banner

Today’s post is going to be a short and sweet one (unless I get to writing two). I’m going to take a look at ios_banner module. This one is pretty much strai...

Ansible Network Engine and NTC Templates

5 minute read
ansible ntc parsing cisco

In this post we will talk about primarily three components that will work together to get structured data out of the command line of a Cisco device. The thre...

Ansible differences between ios config and cli config

4 minute read
ansible cli_command ios_command cisco

This is a post that I’m going to review some of the differences between the ios_config module and the new cli_config module within Ansible networking. I beca...

Ansible - Working with command output

13 minute read
ansible cisco

You have decided to move forward with using/trying Ansible. You can now connect to a device and get a green success that you get a hello world like command s...

Discontiguous Masks

5 minute read
network_design segmentation

Discontiguous masks are something that is going to be somewhat historic within the network design toolbox. It is basically a methodology of looking at partic...

Micro Segmentation vs Segmentation

3 minute read

In a recent podcast there was some discussion that it sounded like the term Micro Segmentation was being used where it was really traditional segmentation. S...

Keeping Up on Tech

3 minute read
learning productivity

Life always gets busy. That is one thing that you always hear about. I am definitely in that boat as well that things are getting busy. With this in mind, I ...