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Ansible ASA OG Module

·3957 words·19 mins
Today we are taking a look at the newest module out for Cisco ASA Ansible module - asa_og. This one is particularly exciting for the configurations that are being managed heavily with Object Groups on firewalls. I’m particularly excited to review the asa_og module, time to dig in. New in this post is the finished playbooks being added to Github. I’m hoping that this may be helpful and I am uploading the contents to Github for more to be able to see and get access to if necessary.

Ansible ASA Command Module

·727 words·4 mins
Today will be a touch shorter post, but it is good to be back at it. In this post I will be taking a quick look around at the asa_command module, as we start down the path with looking at the ASA modules in Ansible. This is spurned on a little bit by Ansible 2.8 coming out with an Object Group specific module. I will be looking into that further in a future post.