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Ansible differences between ios command and cli command

·1947 words·10 mins
In an earlier post I covered the differences between ios_config and cli_config. However I did not cover what the difference was between ios_command and cli_command. Most of the items covered there remain the same. So this will be a post that mostly gets straight to it and sees what the difference is. A reminder that I am also putting playbooks used here out on Github. You can find this at: https://github.

Ansible differences between ios config and cli config

·947 words·5 mins
This is a post that I’m going to review some of the differences between the ios_config module and the new cli_config module within Ansible networking. I became interested in the module after a recent discussion between the two. I have decided to take a look at the differences between the two. This is not an under the hood look at the modules. This has already been covered very well (and with better graphics than I can produce) here at the Ansible Blog look for “cli_command and cli_config” with your browser find function.