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Docker for Automation Environment - Ansible 2.10

·1818 words·9 mins
Docker is a terrific solution for making a consistent working environment. It’s been about a year or so since I built my very first own Docker container. I had always known why you use a container, but was always intimidated too much so to even get started. I am glad that I did get started and am off on my journey of using Docker containers. Let me jump into the problem and why?

Ansible Cisco IOS User Module

·1911 words·9 mins
In this post I will be taking a look at some of the usability setup of managing Cisco IOS devices with the Ansible Cisco IOS User Module. This can be very helpful for setting up managed user accounts on systems, or the backup user accounts when you have TACACS or RADIUS setup. The module documentation overall looks complete from what I have done for user account management on devices in the past.


EVE-NG for Automation Practice and Testing

·983 words·5 mins
As I restarted looking at how I’m continuing my education on the Network Automation and certification realm I asked the question “How are you simulating your network environment?” At the same time there has been thought on the idea of leveraging cloud resources to gain experience there. First requirement for me is that whatever tool/simulation set that I use it has to work. That being said, I need to be able to generate configurations, connect devices to each other, and have packets flow through the simulated network, just like any other network.


Network CI/CD - work in progress (Links to other videos/pages)

·158 words·1 min
At DevNet Create 2018 there is a video that was put together related to CI/CD in the NetDevOps world. This is something that is very exciting to see that there has been time put in to putting that together. The video can be seen here: DevNet Create Video Pete Lumbis CI/CD Info With tools such as VIRL, EveNG, and GNS3, there should be a methodology to be able to put a network together to do testing.