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Python Pseudo Code

·519 words·3 mins
One of my favorite things to do as I get started with writing a piece of automation or code, is to lay out the design with pseudo code in the form of comments. I will do this with both Python and Ansible automations, and is a great way to get started on writing your automation or code. What pseudo code does for you is to layout the process at which you wish to accomplish a particular goal.

Automation Inventory

·710 words·4 mins
This is a topic that I’m fairly opinionated on as of late is looking at what should be maintained within an inventory and the strategy of how to set up the inventory. For the case of this blog post, I am going to use the term playbook to represent the automation being run. This is yes an Ansible term, but also apply this as your automation run that is using Nornir or any other automation framework.