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Slack Power Keyboard

·752 words·4 mins
Recently Slack started introducing a new UI that is bringing back the importance of knowing keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts within Slack are immensely helpful in my day to day, and it is essential for me being able to keep up with what is going on within my organization and some of the other 20 Slack organizations that I have joined. So much so, I don’t believe that once I am in the Slack UI on my machines, I am ever touching the mouse to get from one place to another.

Slack Canvas

·526 words·3 mins
Hot Take: Newly released (at some point anyway) is Slack Canvas, what looks to be a little bit of on demand wiki, collaboration space, and possibly (based on marketing materials) workflow organizer. This came to light as a “pop up” when I went into a Slack window on my mobile. Being a curious person and someone that is willing to try out new things I jumped right in. The Take #Without reading any marketing pages or anything else, I just started to do a few things with it.


Using Apple Automator to Open Projects

·887 words·5 mins
Today I’m going to walk through the newest part of my personal workflow for working with projects. Straight to the point, this is going to be using Apple Automator to quickly open your project that you wish to work on within VS Code, and presumably PyCharm as well. Problem #So what is the problem that I’m trying to solve? I am one that generally likes the workspace concept within VS Code, but I don’t like having to maintain workspace files.


Keeping Up on Tech

·781 words·4 mins
Life always gets busy. That is one thing that you always hear about. I am definitely in that boat as well that things are getting busy. With this in mind, I have never felt better about my ability to learn new things in the field. I do a few things that I feel are probably unique that I should share. The first opportunity that has never been more capable of doing is to listen to podcasts.