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Jekyll - Adding a URL Redirection

3 minute read
blog jekyll

Recently I had some interactions helping Nick Russo on some redirect comments he had. I’m not going to take any of his thunder of what he is doing, and that ...

Ansible + NetBox: Getting Next Prefix / IP

6 minute read
ansible cisco netbox

This originates from a conversation had on Twitter about how to get the IP Prefix information from an IPAM tool, specifically NetBox using Ansible. There are...

Home Assistant Prometheus Exporting Setup

2 minute read
homeassistant prometheus

There does not appear to be a complete set of documentation pieces available for setting up Prometheus on the Home Assistant platform. This post will take yo...

2020 Blog Update

5 minute read
blog hashnode jekyll hugo

I’ve changed a few things on the site. Sorry about that! URLs have changed. Over the past week or so I have been working through making some what originally ...

Practicing Network Automation with GNS3

2 minute read
ansible cisco network simulator gns3

In an earlier post I took a look at how to setup EVE-NG to get access to virtualized network devices and topologies. This post is going to take a look at how...

Ansible for Enterprise

3 minute read
ansible enterprise design

One of the appealing features that I have towards working with Ansible is that it is able to automate components across the entire Enterprise IT stacks. Rath...

Docker for Automation Environment - Ansible 2.10

8 minute read
docker ansible netdevops

Docker is a terrific solution for making a consistent working environment. It’s been about a year or so since I built my very first own Docker container. I h...