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  • Discontiguous Masks

    Discontiguous masks are something that is going to be somewhat historic within the network design toolbox. It is basically a methodology of looking at particular bits of a network/host definition. The big thing to recall is that as a packet crosses a network device it does so within a packet. The packet is nothing more than a stream of bits. Within the packet header there are bits that define the source network address and the destination network address. This is where discontiguous masks come into play. With a system that can leverage discontiguous masks, you can access information about any part of the network bits, not just starting reading and then stopping (or vice versa) when you look at a bit boundry masking only.

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  • Micro Segmentation vs Segmentation

    In a recent podcast there was some discussion that it sounded like the term Micro Segmentation was being used where it was really traditional segmentation. So I thought I would put out a few thoughts on this front.

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  • Keeping Up on Tech

    Life always gets busy. That is one thing that you always hear about. I am definitely in that boat as well that things are getting busy. With this in mind, I have never felt better about my ability to learn new things in the field. I do a few things that I feel are probably unique that I should share.

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  • Getting Started with the Blog

    Why this post? Because I decided to change the style of how I was hosting my blog. Before I had decided to just host the blog on something that was easy to get to and update. I could have kept on blogging there, but I found making blog posts a little bit more difficult than what I wanted to. I also wanted to learn some of the new ways of doing things within networking technologies.

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  • Network CI/CD - work in progress

    At DevNet Create 2018 there is a video that was put together related to CI/CD in the NetDevOps world. This is something that is very exciting to see that there has been time put in to putting that together. The video can be seen here:

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  • Ansible Blocks

    One of the more interesting features that I have just come across within the Ansible automation world is that of the block. I find this very helpful for both error handling, and also grouping tasks into logical separation.

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  • Work Life Balance

    So far one of the biggest things that I have picked up on is that I have a little bit better work life balance. That is, when I get home I’m finding that I get more family time and less time in front of a computer while at home. I’m not sure if this is a moving from the corporate life into the service provider space or not. Either way, this is a win.

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