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Automation Inventory

3 minute read
automation ansible nornir

This is a topic that I’m fairly opinionated on as of late is looking at what should be maintained within an inventory and the strategy of how to set up the i...

DevNet Expert - Starting Point

2 minute read
devnet ccdevnetexpert cisco

This week Cisco announced the DevNet Expert certification exam. This exam and certification is something that I have been looking forward to for a long while...

Nautobot Jobs - Your Custom API Endpoint

7 minute read
sourceoftruth networkmanagment nautobot jobs meraki cisco

One of the best features of Nautobot as a Network Automation Platform is the ability to create your own custom code. This is executed via a job. What makes N...

New Book - Open Source Network Management

1 minute read
book opensource networkmanagment

Earlier this month I was able to hit the publish button on a new book - Open Source Network Management. The book dives into getting started with several open...

Nautobot Ansible Collection: Devices

7 minute read
nautobot ansible cisco arista juniper

All of the work through the modules thus far in the series have brought us to what we all want to see. How to get or update device information inside of Naut...

Nautobot Ansible Collection: Device Types

7 minute read
nautobot ansible cisco arista juniper

A device type is the next piece in the Nautobot Device onboarding requirements. The device type corresponds to the model number of the hardware (or virtual m...

Nautobot Ansible Collection: Device Roles

5 minute read
nautobot ansible cisco arista juniper

A device role is aptly named, the role of the device. This is likely to be something that is meaningful to your organization and could change. For example yo...