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Open Source Network Management#

Open Source Network Management Cover

I have created a book that is all about getting started with open source tools. Open Source Network Management, a book about getting started with using open source tools to manage your network environment. This book guides one along the way of installing, initial configuration, and basic ways to use the tools. All these are done with installing on a single virtual machine or on an Intel NUC system.

The book is published on LeanPub that is a place where I can continue to make updates to the book while providing the content to the readers sooners than later. The current state of the book is at a strong technical release state. I am working through having some editing done on the book yet, but no edits of the technical components will be made.

The tools covered in the book thus far:

I encourage you to take a look, with the purchase you will be able to get the book in multiple formats including PDF, epub, and mobi formats.

I have made the book available now on Amazon Kindle and in the physical form from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Which the book will be printed on demand in a physical format! Check out Amazon for these options - Amazon