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My Content on Other Sites #

Using NetBox as a SoT for Ansible + Diving into Ansible Filters
In the video I go over NetBox as your Source of Truth, and walk one through getting started with using Ansible as that Source of Truth. In the later portion I go through using Ansible Filters to audit NetBox data to the device data.

Introduction to Ansible for Network Automation
This is a course that I created for Packet Pushers Ignition site. It is meant as real world introduction of Network Automation leveraging Ansilbe. The course takes you through many common tasks accomplished within Ansible, providing many examples.

Online Network Simulators (Free) #

Online VIRL
NRE Labs
YouTube Video Introducing VIRL free

Podcasts #

The shows listed here are particular episodes that have resonated with me. I may be missing some, especially going back a few years as I just really started in on these podcasts lately even though they have been around for some time.

Zigbits Network Design #

Main Page:

CI/CD Podcast
One of my favorites on CI/CD, including definitions and examples.

Designing for DevOps
Nicholos Russo having a conversation around Designing for DevOps

Packet Pushers #

Introducing NRE Labs
NRE Labs is a site that I’m going to recommend frequently. It is a place to get started with tutorials about Network Automation. Go here for free and relevant learning!

Building a Network Automation Framework - Ken Celenza A podcast about building automation frameworks. This is a long one, but excellent for what an automated environment will look like

The Source of Truth Shall Set You Free (To Automate)
Podcast of using Netbox, Grafana, Influx, and a modern company system

The Network Collective #

Grassroots Automation
The Network Collective brings many contributors to the automation community to the table to discuss various technologies related to Network Automation.

Automation/DevOps #

Blog Sites #

Nick Russo - @nickrusso42518
Colin McCarthy - @Colinnation
Katherine McNamara - @kmcnam1
John Capobiano
Jason Edelman
Ken Celenza
Scott Lowe

Building Dynamic Documentation Using Parser
Genie Parsers


David Barroso - JSON in Flat Format

Ansible #

Pinakes - Self Service portal
EcoSystem Homepage
Network CLI Connection Types
Ansible Lint Github Link
Ken’s List of Links
IPvSean IP Address Filter
Cisco pyATS
Ansible Tools
ASA for Vagrant
Ansible 2.5 Networking Changes
Copy SSH Keys, format of playbook, etc.
Guy who wrote a book on dev ops
Jeff Geerling - Ansible with Win10
Save IOS configs with Ansible
Ansible Network Automation Github Page
Create a list from output of Ansible
YAML Guide 1
Coding Packets Ansible

APC UPS Monitoring

Python #

Real Python Code Quality

Nornir #

TBD, content coming soon!

Jenkins #

Setting up Ansible in Jenkins

Helpful Tools #

Template Rendering Online Tester

Database Tools #

DBeaver - Thanks @itdependsnet

Technology Overviews #

Ansible Networking Github Page
VxLAN Overview 1
Cisco DC Spine & Leaf Design Overview WhitePaper
Cisco Security Events - Syslog
Ivan BGP in EVPN
Spanning Tree: Nexus 5k Guide
Lower end Cat Switches
Guide to better SSH Security
VSS Main
Cumulus Comparing Commands

Telemetry #

Cisco Getting Started with Streaming Telemetry
Cisco Scaling Telemetry with IOS-XR & InfluxData

USB-C 4k video explained

Mac Hacks #

macOS Setup Guide - sourabhajaj

New Tech #

GNS3 Tech #

GNS3 Automation #

NetPanda Ansible+GNS3


GNS3 Learning Lab - Python for Network Engineers $$$$
Greg Mueller Youtube Series


VxLAN Overview Video
Ansible PB to push VNIs

Vagrant #

Getting started with Network Vagrant Images

Programming Nuggets #

Netmiko #

Kirk Byers Home Page
Loading base configurations into VIRL Images (GNS3)
Theading with Netmiko Example

YANG Modeling #

Cisco Yang Develpment Kit - Github
Cisco YANG developemnt Kit Readthedocs

Python #

Python Bandit (Security)
Python Cheat Sheets
Python Switcher/Case Statement

Cheat Sheets #

Markdown Wordpress
Packet Life Protocols Cheat Sheets
Online Subnet Calculator Page

Web Net Development #

Django #

This is the my original network development platform. I went with it due to challenges that Flask presented around getting it to look “Pretty” using Bootstrap. This looked like the right decision for the time. I would probably recommend Network Engineers using Flask for web development at this point.
Django LDAP Example

Flask #

This is a micro-services web setup. It comes very basic and is very easy to get moving. First recommendation - Flask Mega-Tuturial. It is awesome. Well worth the purchase.

Flask Mega-Tutorial
Flask LDAP

Github Pages Help #

Original Github pages links

Open Source Projects #

Fabio Load Balancer


Career #

PacketPushers: Portfolio

Great Priced Standing Desk

Setup as DNS Server
Raw output of DNS Server Link

GNS3 Tips #

If looking to connect via Netmiko to GNS3, this may help:

net_connect = ConnectHandler(
    device_type='generic_termserver_telnet',        # changed

Admiral McRaven @ UT

Appendix #

Download: Sublime Text Main Page
Mac: Map end/home keybindings
Space Gray Themes?
Open From Terminal with word Sublime