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Bindkey For Autocompletion

I have been looking at migrating over to the Starship shell for a little while. The allure of running a rust shell prompt that gives me a ton of information is what I look for in a shell prompt. Such as the prompt below:

joshv in 🌐 my_device in nautobot on  u/jvanderaa-update_install_home_doc is 📦 v2.2.5b1 via 🐍 v3.11.9 (nautobot-py3.11)

The default installation however did not get the same behavior as my previous Oh My Zsh set up with the zsh-autocompletions and zsh-syntaxhighlighting. Whenever I would hit the up arrow key, the system would cycle through the commands as comes default with zsh/bash. But I was looking for subcommand scrolling. Such as the following command sequence.

Debian Finger Print Login

As a long time MacBook user and of recent years on the M1 using the TouchID system that allows for fingerprint authentication, this is something that I wanted to get to work pretty quickly for myself. I had tried a couple of different options to get fingerprint reading to work. Through the 3 methods, I finally have one that works, and I figured it would be worth the share.