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Nautobot Book#

Nautobot Book Cover

I'm proud to have been an author in the Network Automation with Nautobot found on Amazon book that has recently been released. The book covers:

  • Learn how documenting your network in Nautobot can accelerate your network automation journey
  • Apply NetDevOps to your network by leveraging Nautobot as a network source of truth
  • Minimize tool sprawl by extending, using, or building Nautobot Apps

Nautobot enables network teams to build a scalable and extensible network source of truth that provides a foundation to power any network automation stack.

With the help of this guide, you'll learn how to deploy, manage, and integrate Nautobot as a source of truth and network automation platform. As you progress, you'll learn what a network source of truth is, the relationship between data and network automation, and network data models. You'll also gain a broad understanding of Nautobot and its robust features that allow maximum flexibility. A dedicated section will show you how to construct a single source of truth with Nautobot and help you explore its programmatic APIs, including REST APIs, GraphQL, webhooks, and Nautobot Job Hooks. Later, you'll develop custom data models and custom apps for Nautobot and experience its extensibility and powerful developer API. In the last part of this book, you'll discover how to deploy configuration compliance and automated remediation once Nautobot is deployed as a network source of truth.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to design and manage Nautobot as a network source of truth, understand its key features, and extend Nautobot by creating custom data models and apps that suit your network and your team.

What you will learn#

  • Understand network sources of truth and the role they play in network automation architecture
  • Gain an understanding of Nautobot as a network source and a network automation platform
  • Convert Python scripts to enable self-service Nautobot Jobs
  • Understand how YAML files in Git can be easily integrated into Nautobot
  • Get to grips with the NetDevOps ecosystem around Nautobot and its app ecosystem
  • Delve into popular Nautobot Apps including Single Source of Truth and Golden Config

Who this book is for#

This book is for network engineers, network automation engineers, and software engineers looking to support their network teams by building custom Nautobot Apps. A basic understanding of networking (e.g. CCNA) and knowledge of the fundamentals of Linux, Python programming, Jinja2, YAML, and JSON are needed to get the most out of this book.