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Disney Plus Streaming Bandwidth

This will be a brief departure from the automation focused attention that I have been giving to this blog over the past year or so. This week in the United States was the launch of Disney+ streaming service. I have subscribed to it at this point and have found some interesting data based on SNMP polling my network.

This post is about the bandwidth that I am seeing used, not about anything about the service, or if another service is better. I don't have the time for that at this time. This is just about what was an unexpected jump in the bandwidth usage with the new application. But I am very much OK with that as my subscription level is taking care of that.

Ansible differences between ios command and cli command

In an earlier post I covered the differences between ios_config and cli_config. However I did not cover what the difference was between ios_command and cli_command. Most of the items covered there remain the same. So this will be a post that mostly gets straight to it and sees what the difference is.

Ansible IOS BGP Module

In this post I'm going to be taking a deeper dive into the new in Ansible 2.8 IOS BGP module. This may be one of the more complex modules to date and I'll try to make it as simple as possible.

Ansible ASA OG Module

Today we are taking a look at the newest module out for Cisco ASA Ansible module - asa_og. This one is particularly exciting for the configurations that are being managed heavily with Object Groups on firewalls. I'm particularly excited to review the asa_og module, time to dig in.

Ansible ASA Command Module

Today will be a touch shorter post, but it is good to be back at it. In this post I will be taking a quick look around at the asa_command module, as we start down the path with looking at the ASA modules in Ansible. This is spurned on a little bit by Ansible 2.8 coming out with an Object Group specific module. I will be looking into that further in a future post.

Ansible Saving Cisco Configs to NVRAM with Cisco Specific Modules

Today I'm going to take a look at a method to be able to save the configuration of a Cisco device to NVRAM (copy run start). I will be taking a look at multiple Cisco platforms to save changes done during an Ansible Playbook to NVRAM. There are options to save the configuration on every change within the modules such as ios_config or cli_config, however, this can slow down the execution of your playbook.

Ansible Cisco IOS Interface Module

Update: ios_interface is to be deprecated as of Ansible 2.13

In this post I will be taking a deeper look at the ios_interface module. This module is used to configure individual interfaces on a Cisco IOS device. The documentation for the module is located here. In this module I did have to dig into the actual Python file, and that is located here.